KTÖS Statement for May 1, Labour Day

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots Will Stand Shoulder to Shoulder on May 1 Against the Political Deadlock

As Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, we will stand together and jointly declare our will for peace, our desire for a common homeland, our struggle for social existence and access to our fundamental rights, on May 1, Labour Day.

The best answer we can give to the policies of alienating societies on both sides of our island, as well as to intolerance, xenophobia, culture of violence, disregard for freedoms and chauvinism is for the two communities to stand shoulder to shoulder.

“We want Holguin’s efforts to be recognized in both communities”

On this day of common struggle, we reiterate our call to recommence official negotiations for a comprehensive, fair, bi-communal and bi-zonal federal solution on the basis of political equality, to discuss confidence-building measures within the framework of technical committees, and we want Holguin’s efforts to be recognized in the communities.”

‘Young generations should take part in the process under the ‘image of peace’

In order to overcome the uncertainties created by the deadlock in both societies, it’s crucial to involve the new generations who have not been a part of the problem in the peace process and make them take a greater role under the image of peace. We believe that this – contrary to what the leaders of both sides do – will accelerate the rapprochement of the communities of Cyprus. No matter how difficult it is, we will continue our policy of ‘being part of the solution, not the problem’, as we adopt a solution-oriented approach to the issues.

‘The Cyprus Problem was inherited from those who created the problem.’

The Cyprus Problem was inherited from those who created the problem and it only brought tears and division to both communities. Moreover, the most comprehensive steps for reunification were wasted in 2004 and 2017 again by those who created and maintained this dispute.

“Institutional collaboration to design realizable solutions”

We must be aware that the deadlock will continue with the solution perspective of those who created the status quo, and that the road cannot be walked with the outdated discourses. That’s why we will act in cooperation with corporate organizations to design ‘”feasible solutions” to promote peace between the communities.


Long Live Common May 1!

As communities that have experienced war, our common goal in the near future is to reunite onthe basis of peace and live together again on our island, which is too small to be divided but large enough to embrace us all. Hoping that the unifying power of May 1 will build a fair and equal future leading to solution and peace:

Long live May 1! Long live the Day of Struggle of Workers and Laborers!


Burak Maviş

General Secretary

KTÖS Statement for May 1, Labour Day
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